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Specialist Photographer Website Hosting

Established in 2001, we provide rock solid photographer web hosting and websites to photographers around the world.

Photographer Web Hosting

Photographer Web Hosting

Easy, reliable and fast managed Photographer Website Hosting.

from $4.95/month

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Managed WordPress Hosting for Photographers

Managed WordPress Hosting

Everything you need to make a feature rich photography website.

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Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Hosted Exchange 2013 Email with Outlook 2013 Web Access.

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Why choose Hosting Photography?

Passionate About You

We are passionate about our business and service.  We are passionate about you.  We like to build that perfect relationship as this leaves you to focus on running your business without having to worry about your website and managing your hosting account.  We’re in this together.

Brilliant Server Uptime

We have brilliant uptime on our servers.  Our uptime for June 2014 was 99.975% and for May 2014 it was 99.849% which is measured by an external monitoring company.  Just ask if you want to see the detailed reports.

Photography Focus

We are very familiar with popular photography website scripts such as Photostore, Stockbox Photo, Pictures Pro, Photocrati and many others.  We are also very familiar with WordPress and how to create great photography websites.  We will provide you with application help on top of our hosting help for FREE.

Established Business

We have been hosting photography and non-photography websites since 2001 making many photographers happy.  Our portfolio includes e-commerce websites selling photography, clothes, technology and baby toys.  We are quite diverse with focus on photography based websites.

FREE MIgration to Us

We offer FREE migration to our hosting.  This includes your website and email.  If you wish to migrate to our Hosted Exchange we can import email from any source you are currently using.  We can do all of this without you having any downtime whatsoever.

Proactive Security

We are security proactive.  All hosting comes with anti-virus, spam and malware protection as standard.  We perform daily and realtime scans of all websites and email to help protect your website against malicious use.  Should your website become compromised due to your website script vulnerability we will clean it up for you and help secure your website through extra security measures or help to update your website software.

Money Back Guarantee

You will be very happy with the service or your money back.  Try us today for 30 days, if you’re not happy then your money back with no questions asked (okay we will ask for feedback so that we can improve our service and understand why you’re not happy).

No Commission

We do not take any commission on any sales you have on your website.  You pay for your Hosting Account or Managed WordPress and nothing more.  No matter what software you choose to use and what you sell we will never take or demand any commissions.

Personal Support

We provide a personal touch to your support needs.  Our service is also managed so if you need an email address creating or WordPress installing, no problem!  We will do it.  You don’t need to master the hosting control panel.

What our Customers Say

Photographer Website Hosting - Web Hosting for Photographers
Hosting Photography saved my life. OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but it sure felt like it so let me explain. I was with another hosting service for nearly 9 years when out of the blue I received an email from their "technical" support stating that I was using an abnormally high amount of disk space. This confused me greatly for two reasons. One reason was that I was only just hitting about 26GB of disk space and the other reason was that I supposedly had an unlimited amount of disk space to use. Long story short I had 48 hrs. to "remedy" this issue on an already extremely hectic work week or my account would be suspended. After confirming that this was indeed not a joke I decided to find hosting elsewhere. Many forums of discussion threads and reviews later I happened upon Hosting Photography, that not only told me up front exactly what to expect out of my hosting service but also came with a great price. What I did not expect from Hosting Photography's service was just how much I would receive. It is an overwhelming breath of fresh air to find that such character, customer service, and work ethic still exist in this world. Not only did Hosting Photography migrate my site over with more than enough time to spare but I have been given tremendous unsolicited advice and site tweaks that just blew me away. My site's photo store has never run so well and I have received compliments from clients almost immediately after I made the change. The bottom line here is that I believe any photographer would find themselves feeling incredibly lucky and secure to have Hosting Photography servicing their online business needs. To Hosting Photography, thank you again from the bottom of my heart because I am not just content with your work, I am amazed!

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Website Hosting for Sytist by PicturesPro

Sytist by Pictures Pro Website Hosting for Photographers

Sytist is a new all-in-one solution to sell photos to your clients, services, downloads, project proofing and so much more with features you won’t find anywhere else.

All of our website hosting plans are fully compatible with Sytist and Photo Cart 7 and we will even help you install it FREE of charge and ensure it is running smoothly for you.

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